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Wireless Internet Only at the Kowality Inn

At Kowality Motor Inn, you're ready to connect to the Internet without wires. Bring your laptop and get online 24 hours. The service is done wireless and customer should have their wireless reciever. If you do not have the reciever but only your laptop. Contact us, and we will supply you the wireless adaptor. Wireless Internet makes you easier to stay connected.

You can access information to respond to a tough client question on the spot. Or collaborate instantly with team members across the globe. Or update documents on the fly and send revisions to the home office. Do you still have to worry about phone jack and local ISP provider? At Kowality Motor Inn you do not need to worry about these.

Compatible with Centrino


Wireless Internet


Isn't Modem out of date?


 To use our internet service, you must have a notebook, of course. And your notebook must be configured with Wi-Fi-certified technology so you can connect with our Wi-Fi-certified base-station. Our Internet service supports 802.11b WLAN standards and enables wireless connectivity from WLAN networks. For example, most of the wireless LAN cards uses 802.11b WLAN standard. Or the newest Intel Centrino notebook will be able receive our Internet Service in your room.

Please give us an e-mail, if you have any questions regarding with our internet service.




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